5 New Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Team

5 New Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Team

The holidays are one of many organisations’ most demanding and busy times. While employees prepare for holidays and vacation time, your management team wants to complete all outstanding business operations and objectives before the new year.

Recognition, engagement, and appreciation can easily fade as everyone scrambles to finish tasks and deal with last-minute changes. However, this season offers a special chance to strengthen team dynamics and pay attention to morale so that everyone on the team looks forward to reporting to work in the new year.

Here are a few suggestions to shake things up if you want to keep your teams engaged over the holidays but are tired of the same old office parties or Secret Santa activities.

1. Give Back to The Community

Give Back to The Community

A great way to celebrate the holidays at work is to collectively give back to the community. You can organise a food drive and/or collect donations of non-perishable food items. You can also organise to volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen by providing your time and skills to help others who are less fortunate than yourself. Old age homes are another great place to volunteer time especially around the holidays.

2. Book A Surprise Trip

Book A Surprise Trip

You might have overheard your employees talking about a local activity or festival. What better way to uplift their mood than by surprising them with an invite to the festival? Send an email in advance, so they are prepared and have everything ready beforehand.

3. Have A Baking Contest

Have A Baking Contest

Employees frequently bring delectable treats to work during the holidays to share with their coworkers. Why not hold a baking contest to lighten the mood? This is one of the easier, more enjoyable, and less expensive ideas to put into practice, and it guarantees everyone a fun experience.

P.S: Have you heard of a 2 minute mug cake made in a microwave?

4. Host A Treasure Hunt

Host A Treasure Hunt

Give your employees a break from their desks and let them explore other parts of the office by hosting a fun and exciting treasure hunt game. Divide your staff into teams and give them a list of hints to solve that will take them to various locations within the office. If you have a small office, perhaps explore the building or even the city you live in.

5. Organise an Outdoor Party

Organise an Outdoor Party

As the weather gets cooler during this time, hosting an outdoor Christmas party will not elevate the experience but will also ensure everyone has a good time. Most employees feel compelled to attend or stay for the party simply because they have to, as it is held indoors, typically after office hours. Why not spice things up and take them outdoors instead?

These are just a few of the ways you can celebrate the holidays at work. There are so many more ideas to try and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it happen.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your team the very best for the upcoming holidays! Wishing you all good cheer, a spectacular end to 2022 and even more productive and engaged 2023 ahead!