8 Tips to Create an Amazing Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees

8 Tips to Create an Amazing Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees

As increasing number of employees seek work-from-home schedules, it is critical to ensure that onboarding processes are built to include such employment arrangements. Similar to office-based employees, remote employees must be oriented in a way that they feel ‘part of the team’. They need to be familiarised with the operational structure, technology, tools and all other resources being used. In fact, as per recent research conducted by the Brandon Hall Group, here are some statistics worth taking note of:

  • Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%
  • 88% of organisations don’t onboard well.
  • 58% of organisations say their onboarding program is focused on processes and paperwork only

Here are some of our top tips to help you ensure you create a clear and welcoming experience for all your remote employees:

1. Get Organised

Get Organised

The Onboarding experience starts as soon as the candidate accepts the offer and you have a mutually agreed (approximate) start date. Set up an online meeting to congratulate them and walk them through what to expect when they join. If you have a team member supporting you with them, take time to introduce the team member to them and let them know that you will be available for any additional information required.

2. Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding Checklist

An Onboarding checklist is a great way to ensure that all new joiners have a consistent experience. Take the time to document what would be required from collecting documentation, personal information, bank details to planning meetings with relevant team members, leadership etc.

3. Create a Welcoming Experience on Day 1

Create a Welcoming Experience on Day 1

A great way to do this is to start their day on the right note by organising a virtual breakfast or sending them a welcome package. Alternatively, have coworkers record a welcome video and have it sent on their first day to create a warm welcome followed by a meeting with the team to say Welcome!

4. New Joiner Welcome Email

New Joiner Welcome Email

On the day of joining, make a note to send a formal communication (which can be email) out to the Company to introduce and welcome the new joiner and include them on it on their new Company email address. This way, the first email they would receive would be a Welcome and Introduction email.

5. Introduction to Stakeholders

Introduction to Stakeholders

Over the first few weeks, set up virtual meet and greet sessions to introduce to the new joiner to their internal and external stakeholders. This will support the process of integrating them into the business and allow them to collaborate with stakeholders easily.

6. Create Quick Personal Videos

Create Quick Personal Videos

Invite your new joiner to create introductory videos as part of their onboarding process to introduce themselves and discuss their hobbies and experiences with new coworkers. This allows existing employees to get know the new joiner in a little more detail and helps to build personal connections with colleagues.

7. Prioritise the Basics

Prioritise the Basics

Focus on the fundamentals of the onboarding process: timely follow-ups, near-constant availability to answer questions, appropriately setting new hire expectations throughout the process, and investing in technology that offers an immersive new hire candidate experience. This will allow the new worker to become acquainted with the company’s culture and work in a dynamic environment without having to visit the office.

8. Be Open to Everyone

Be Open to Everyone

Everyone learns in their own unique way. Some people learn by seeing, listening, reading, and writing, while others learn by doing. Companies should ensure that their onboarding process accommodates to all learning styles, whether in person or electronically. Employers can rest assured that their message is reaching all new hires, making them feel welcome and part of the business culture.

At S&K Consulting, we have helped numerous clients design and streamline their on-boarding processes to create a warm and welcoming experience for their new joiners. We would love to help you create experience for your team that would help you retain your new joiners and recommend you as an employer of choice to others. Get in touch with us today at info@snk.ae.