Changing your Perspective as a Business Leader

Consider Outsourcing non-core business Functions

The current coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to take a step back and look at our organisations from a holistic standpoint, analyzing everything from human capital and costs to customer acquisition. With everything shifting to new ways of working because of the pandemic, many businesses have to find new ways to operate to keep up with the new normal. It’s no surprise that the number one change that businesses are trying to manage is costs.

There are many ways to reduce costs within an organisation, but one way that has gained in popularity recently is outsourcing. Outsourcing any back-office function of your business, whether its human resources, finance, accounting, or IT can help streamline time-consuming processes and provide specialist services at a reasonable monthly cost based on your business needs, without compromising on the employee experience. With low costs and high flexibility, outsourcing a department or function is now easier than ever.

But, it requires a change in perspective from top management to consider outsourcing for your back-office functions. Some of the questions you might ask yourself include:

  • How easily can we onboard a new outsourcing company?
  • How will outsourcing a department affect the company and its balance sheets?
  • How will team members within the same department feel about an outsourced portion of their team?
  • Will the outsourced team be approachable and readily available to my employees?

These are all common questions about outsourcing and are all easily answered.

Usually, the outsourced department will work as a direct extension of your team, leading to a low-impact transition and onboarding process. Since outsourcing companies are experts and subject-matter professionals in their respective fields, they have the onboarding process nailed down, so clients can always expect a smooth transition into a healthy working relationship between the company, its employees and the outsourced company.

In addition, outsourcing can provide increased efficiency in certain areas of your business, especially if the roles that are outsourced are well defined. Outsourcers provide expertise as subject-matter professionals as they focus on one function and specific knowledge, so can usually handle tasks quickly and efficiently. This allows businesses to focus on their core strength and dedicate resources to grow their business.

Finally, through outsourcing you can adjust manpower requirements swiftly in times of business ebbs and flows and will allow you to conveniently manage costs at much greater scale. Outsourcing allows companies, as needed, to reduce fixed expenses such as office space, insurance, visas, software licenses, phones and gratuity.

If you are still concerned about how outsourcing will impact your budget, there are a number of different packages and offerings that outsourcers provide. A good outsourcing company will allow you to have the flexibility to purchase a number of hours per month to suit your business requirements and budget. They will also allow you the option to change the packages on a regular basis, without binding terms, advance payment or set-up fees.

Have you thought about outsourcing and how it can positively affect your business? It can be difficult to change your perspective after working a certain way for so long and keeping most tasks in-house. We encourage all business owners to consider these uncertain and challenging times and change their business processes for the better to survive and thrive through the pandemic.

If these reasons haven’t changed your perspective on outsourcing, there are many other reasons to outsource. Feel free to reach out to us today for more information and reasons to outsource: