How to Guide: On-Boarding Best Practices for Employers

How to Guide: On-Boarding Best Practices for Employers

Simply put, onboarding aids in the seamless integration of new hires into the corporate culture and helps them contribute positively to the team. Here is a thorough guide on best practises for companies to follow in order to guarantee a positive onboarding process for their recruits.

1. Preparation

Send a welcome email to the new hire as soon as you’ve decided on them and provide all the pertinent information, such as the start time, dress code, and any necessary documentation. Additionally, businesses must ensure that employees have access to the appropriate hardware, hand tools, and software or systems in their workspaces. If required, connect the new hire with an experienced employee who can guide and help them throughout the initial few weeks.

2. Welcome and Orientation

A warm and welcoming greeting should be extended to the new employee on their first day. Get the team together and start by introducing the new joiner and office members. Also, offer a detailed introduction to the company and send them the Employee Handbook to familiarise them with company policies, including time off, benefits, and other important guidelines. Conduct a tour of the office or workplace, highlighting key areas such as the restroom, breakroom, meeting rooms, etc.

3. Training and Development

Construct a well-organised training program to provide the new hire with the abilities and information needed to do their job well. Offer them insights into other departments and teams, so they have a better understanding of how their role fits into the overall picture. Discussions on opportunities for growth within the company is another starter to ensure they perform their best.

4. Clarify Expectations and Goals

Establish achievable short-term and long-term objectives, ensuring they align with the employee’s role and the company’s overall goals. You must also communicate performance metrics and evaluation criteria to help the new hire understand how their performance will be assessed.

5. Encourage Relationship Building

When hiring a new employee, one of the best ways is to organise team-building exercises or events to foster camaraderie and build strong relationships among team members. If required, you could always consult with an HR Company that offers Employee Relations Management for SMEs. Their approach will involve creating a cross-functional team and conducting activities encouraging them to connect with colleagues across the organisation.

6. Celebrate Milestones

Recognise and celebrate the new hire’s accomplishments and milestones, such as completing training or reaching certain performance goals. Doing so motivates them to perform better and also aids in promoting productivity.


Remember, a well-planned and executed onboarding process sets a positive tone for the employee’s tenure and contributes to their overall job satisfaction and engagement. It’s an investment that pays off in the form of increased productivity, reduced turnover, and a stronger company culture. If you require assistance with onboarding, feel free to consult with us, a top HR Consultancy in Dubai.