Why Your Team Needs A More Proactive Approach To Recruitment In 2023

Why Your Team Needs A More Proactive Approach To Recruitment In 2023

The job market is constantly evolving, and as we move into 2023, it is more important than ever for employers to take a proactive approach to recruitment. With a more proactive approach, employers can find and attract top talent in a competitive market, build a more diverse workforce, and improve retention rates.

70% of the global workforce, according to LinkedIn, is passive, meaning they aren’t actively looking for a new job but could be convinced if given the right opportunity. This puts even more pressure on employers to improve their workplace environments and hiring procedures. The remaining 30% of active candidates will probably have a wide range of options, and you might frequently discover that they aren’t as well suited for your position as their passive counterparts.

Here are 4 reasons why it is imperative to employ a more proactive approach to recruitment in 2023.

1. Find the Right Talent

Recruitment can quickly become more challenging if you are hiring for a highly specialised position or if your ideal candidate requires a rare and unusual combination of skills.

In such circumstances, adopting a more proactive stance toward the process can be useful. You can directly target candidates with the necessary skills using LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media platforms and invite them to apply. Making these connections can be beneficial even if the people you approach are looking for something other than a new job; they might know others in their field who is and might be interested in applying.

2. Ensure You Don’t Lose on Potential Candidates

The lengthy recruitment process is one of the main causes of talented candidates quit the process before it is over. This could occur for various reasons, so it’s crucial to stay in touch with candidates and keep them informed of your progress at all times. Candidates don’t want to feel forgotten, and if there is a communication breakdown, they will be quick to move on.

3. Diverse Talent is in High Demand

Diverse talent is becoming more and more valuable to organizations, and a proactive recruitment approach can help employers attract a more diverse pool of candidates. This can lead to improved creativity, innovation, and problem-solving within the organization.

4. High Turnover Rates is Expensive

High turnover rates can be costly to organisations, both in terms of lost productivity and the cost of replacing employees. A proactive recruitment approach can help employers attract and retain top talent, which can reduce turnover rates and save money in the long run.

In summary, a more proactive approach to recruitment is essential for employers in 2023. With a strategic and focused recruitment approach, employers can find and attract top talent, build a more diverse workforce, improve retention rates, build a strong employer brand, and leverage new technology tools. This also allows employers stay ahead of the competition and build a more effective and efficient workplace.

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