Change Management

Change Management

Evolution of a business is key to staying relevant within the market and to your customers, and this brings with it a whole host of changes at a strategic and operational level. As experienced Change Management Consultants, we excel in ensuring that changes are adopted with minimum disruption to the business.

We do this by using a collaborative approach to develop a framework, strategies, plans, and lead the implementation to systematically roll out the changes. We also create qualitative and quantitative KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the change management program.

Change has a profound impact on business operations and normalcy returns only after significant disruption to the way work was done. We encourage and support organisation’s leadership to craft strategies that embed change through effective communication of the benefits and value add that these interventions will bring to the business. We always promote business driven and people focused change programs to deliver a successful transition with minimum stress and maximum talent retention.

We establish success metrics and work with our clients throughout the execution stage. To drive adoption and enhance productivity, while aligning to your business objectives, we offer services in developmental, transitional, and transformational organisational changes. Whether the need for change is a result of broader economic or technological imperatives or aiming to transform Company culture, we adopt our approach based on the triggers, drivers and tracers of change. To engage us as your Change Management Consultants, please feel free to reach out to us.

Our Service Inclusions

Framework & Plan Development

As professional Change Management Consultants, we work in partnership with our clients to establish a bespoke framework and approach that addresses all stakeholders impacted. We identify areas of resistance and propose interventions to drive and embed the change. From conception through to implementation, we ensure the framework accounts for the complete change journey.

Stakeholder Management

We identify primary, key and critical stakeholders and their change receptiveness. They are critical to the effectiveness and success of the change as through their support and advocacy, probability of success increases. To facilitate this, we develop a stakeholder management and engagement plan and work with each stakeholder throughout the duration of the change implementation.

Risk Assessment

We assess the readiness for change and identify risk factors that may negatively impact the business and people during the transition. This is done primarily to shape the key areas of change management strategy and plan. We conduct multiple assessments to understand change legacy, cultural maturity and the impact throughout the lifecycle of the change implementation.

Executive Briefings

A key contributor to successful change is executive sponsorship and communication. We work closely with the leadership to understand their communication style and create compelling messaging to get the sentiment and the change initiatives across. We provide tactics and tools to senior leadership to be visible in leading strategic changes.

Employee Communication

We create communication packs that aid in coming to terms with the new ‘ask’ while focusing on the employees regular roles. We focus on clarifying outcomes while answering burning questions on the “why now´, “how will this impact me” and provide key signals to make sense of the anticipated “new normal” in work life of employees.

Implementation Support

We serve as the facilitator of change to manage the people side of the change implementation. We guide and support companies through this process to ensure that they transition in an effective and efficient manner while ensuring key talent is retained.

Training Support

A critical factor for employees, line managers and stakeholders is to understand how the changes will impact their role. We create training programs to help your employees move with agility through the changing landscape of business.

Learning Tool Kits

We develop toolkits to aid the process of adoption of the new changes. This includes reference guides, handbooks, pocket books and other collateral that can embed the changes.

What We Can Do for You

We help boost the success of change management from a people perspective. Our systematic and proactive measures backed with proven success ensures that employees are successfully led through the transition. We support our clients every step of the way from conception through to implementation. More specifically, we provide the following:

  • Building a foundation for success.
  • Establishing a winning strategy.
  • Communicating a compelling message.
  • Engaging employees to facilitate a positive outcome.
  • Increasing change enablers and reducing change resistance.
  • Building organisation change capability.
  • Ensuring greater effectiveness in implementing change.