Competency Framework

Competency Framework

We work towards creating a blueprint that defines core behaviours and expectations to align themselves towards the growth of your business or work with you to get the most from the existing competency framework. An effective competency framework not only makes sure your employees have a carefully defined set of performance standards to look up to but also highlights what is expected from them as an integral part of the business growth journey. Additionally, it aligns your employees’ skills, capabilities, and knowledge with the priorities of your business, thereby resulting in improved efficiencies.

At S&K Consulting, we craft a structured competency framework that plays a crucial role in ensuring your company’s vision and goals are met. Get in touch with our expert competency framework consultants who will work closely with you and ensure your employees understand the behaviour to be exhibited and performance expected to achieve results. Drop us a line on or call us +971 4 458 1449

Our Service Inclusions

Competency Review

We review existing competencies and its relevance to you current and future business requirements and assess whether they are valid. We do a deep dive into the existing practices and processes to understand effectiveness and integrity.


Competency Framework Development

We conduct (or reinforce existing) through a series of collaborative workshops, interviews and discussions with key individuals and stakeholders to produce a bespoke or reinforce existing framework that is simple, fair and easy to follow. We articulate each specific behaviour within each competency to eliminate ambiguity and promote high performance. We aim to introduce a framework that is relevant for your current and future business clearly geared towards performance excellence incorporating business and industry requirements.


To support clear understanding of the competency framework, we provide training services with the end result being that the attention of every employee is focused on those behaviours that most significantly impact their roles and responsibilities, and managers are equipped to create development plans that actually work.

Implementation & Roll-out

We provide end to end support which can also include assisting you in operationalizing the framework through careful planning and communication across the organisation as well as incorporating the framework into other people processes of recruitment, learning and development, performance management, etc.

What We Can Do for You

High performing employees are critical to performance-oriented organisations and competencies enable long term performance and competitiveness. Their application is universal throughout the employee lifecycle from recruitment through to performance management and career progression. We can help companies identify those characteristics and core behaviours needed to help turn them into high performance organisations. Through this service we can help you:

  • Identify key competencies that are core to your unique business through a collaborative process.
  • Communicate the criticality and importance of working with a common understanding of behaviour guidelines.
  • Gain efficiencies and business improvements by integrating the various aspects of people practices.
  • Draw from our expertise and create a positive culture that clearly outlines what good looks for every role at every level within your organisation.