Employee Database Management

Employee Database Management

Having an efficient and effective employee database management system in place is a core tool in the Human Resources department. It is used by HR professionals to keep track of relevant employee information from their onboarding date to their separation period. When a simplified holistic document governance and management structure in place, accessing and processing information is quicker, efficient and streamlined.

We offer end to end employee database management services that saves time, decreases risk and ensure compliance and ease of access, along with being cost-effective and improving HR operational efficiency. We partner with the business to understand their requirements and create a document management system that spans across physical, electronic and archiving of documents make sure that organising personnel files, storing documents, retrieving employee records, accessing confidential information, gives HR and the business the right the comfort that their employee documents and data is secure.

We know every company intends to ensure labour law compliance but also operates differently with varied business objectives and documentation needs. We understand and incorporate these needs and customise a governance and management system that works best for your business! Give us a call today and allow our team to curate an employee database management set-up tailored to your business requirements.

Our Service Inclusions

Document Governance

With the right mix of critical thinking and technology strategies, we establish a set of principles and practices that managed document and data generated throughout the employee lifecycle and core HR operations. We create a practical and actionable framework to encompass all data stakeholders across the business meet their information needs in a compliant and efficient manner.

File Audit

We provide auditing services to discover noncompliance, gaps and anomalies as well as provide recommendation to improve record management, retrieval and maintenance. Our consultants can also assist in implementing recommendations allowing the in-house team to continue supporting the business needs.

Records Management

We develop and manage your employee records on a going basis through a robust management and document retrieval policy. We ensure that all documents are properly stored in compliance with the labour laws and as per corporate governance standards.

What We Can Do for You

Employee documents are critical HR documents and it has the ability to be cumbersome activity when its managed without structure and document management principles… Through this service we can help you:

  • Get peace of mind that your employee data is compliant, well organised and well managed.
  • Identify employee information and categories to design and customise an employee database management system tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Propose an employee database management system and revise after audits, feedback from and discussions with you.
  • Test employee database management system whilst comparing efficiency and productivity levels (pre- and post-the EDM System).
  • Coach or train (or provide a guide) for employees in utilizing the employee database management system.