Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

An Employee Handbook is a valuable communication resource for all employers to ensure a clear, transparent and positive working environment. It provides an overview of the Company’s HR Policies and Procedures as well as sets the management’s expectations. It is therefore essential that every organisation has a well-defined Employee Handbook in compliance with the current labour laws of the country and the company culture.

An Handbook acts as a foundational element of the business that ensures the organisational values, practices, and policies are communicated to the employees. It simplifies overall business administration and help the company protect its legal liabilities with regards to UAE labour laws.

At S&K Consulting, we are domain expert in developing effective Employee Handbooks customised according to specific business requirements and operations.

As a company success is dependent on its employees, clearly defining their journey within the organisation is important. Creating an well documented and elaborated Employee Handbook with all the relevant business policies, goals, regulations, procedures, and provisions depicts the consistency of the business administration. It will not only define the relationship of the employees with the company but also boost their morale. A well written Employee Handbook will help ensure uniformity in the application of company policies.

Our Service Inclusions

Labour Law Compliant

We create Employee Handbooks in compliance with the local labour laws and applicable policies. This ensures that both, the employer and employee are protected from a legal perspective as well as provides a transparent work environment for both parties to be clear on the rules of engagement in the workplace.

HR Policies & Procedures

We summarise all applicable internal Policies and Procedures into the Employee Handbook to provide a single source of reference for all employees and line managers.

Employer Branding

All Employee Handbooks are bespoke and customised as per the Company’s branding. This allows the users to benefit from an easy to reference documents that clearly defines and explains the expectations from the employees and the support provided by the management to ensure a positive and fair working environment.

Communication & Implementation

An Employee Handbook is most impactful when communicated to all relevant stakeholders. We support the business in a systematic and effective roll out of the Employee Handbook through workshops and/or one-to-one training sessions with the employees and the management, as required.

What We Can Do for You

Our Employee Handbook services are bespoke, according to specific requirements of your business. For clear communication and easy understanding, it is written in a comprehendible and friendly tone. We produce custom Employee Handbook s through our well-structured process that includes the following steps:

  • Understand the Company’s mission and vision.
  • Understand the Company’s culture.
  • Understand the current operations and practices.
  • Ensure legal compliance with country specific labour laws and regulations.
  • Key stakeholder inclusion.
  • Inclusion of Employer Branding.
  • Communication plan and implementation.
  • Workshops and training sessions for managers and employees.