Employee Lifecycle Management

Employee Lifecycle Management

The term Employee Lifecycle refers to an employees’ journey from their very first encounter with the brand and continues even after they leave the organisation.

Similar to customer or client journey mapping, it is prudent to map your employee journey for your organisation. Although in principle, employees go through similar stages across organisations i.e. Recruitment, On-Boarding, Development, Growth, Retention, Advocacy etc. the mapping of this journey will help identify key touchpoints to create positive impact in the employer-employee relationship.

Designing and documenting the employee lifecycle at your organisation will help with:

  • Attracting top talent.
  • Growing talent.
  • Retaining talent.
  • Creating and building your Employer brand.
  • Ensure that your customers are well looked after.

Employee lifecycle data provides a detailed record of the employee’s contribution to the company growth. Accurate data on employee lifecycle provides a powerful tool for HR managers to identify low engaging employees and solve attrition issues within the company. Our expert team of HR professionals are highly skilled to provide effective guidance to improve the overall employment experience.

At S&K Consulting, we work with you to understand and define the employee journey for your organisation and industry so that together, we can create positive employee experiences for your team.

Our Service Inclusions

Understanding the employee lifecycle and how to engage at each stage enables you to attract, onboard and retain the right talent. Here is how we can help:


From helping you create your organisation structure to writing Job Descriptions for unique positions to managing the end-to-end recruitment process, we do it all. We work with you to ensure that your employer brand is well represented and that you on-board the best talent in line with the culture you wish to create.


The on-boarding experience for your employees is one of the foundational experiences to building a positive employer-employee relationship. We work with you from the pre-boarding phase i.e. the moment a candidate signs their employment contract to manage their first few weeks in the organisation which can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Employee Development

In order to continue to grow and thrive, creating avenues for employees to learn new skills or develop existing ones is important. We help by completing the required Training Needs Analysis and providing options to address the requirements whether through classroom or online training, coaching or mentoring.

Employee Engagement

In addition to developing employees, it is also crucial to ensure that they remain continuously engaged i.e. they are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to support the vision of the organisation. We work with you to create and implement various employee engagement initiatives whether it is Reward & Recognition programs or Team building activities. This in turn helps create and reinforce the culture that you wish to create within the organisation.


This is the final stage in an employee life cycle when the individual leaves due to various reasons such as new opportunities, resignation, retirement, layoffs and termination in case of any company policy violation. This stage of the employee lifecycle must be handled with care even if the employee is exiting the organisation. From legalities to end of service benefit calculations, we ensure that employees leave with dignity and respect while protecting the brand image of the employer.

What We Can Do for You

As mentioned earlier, we work with you to map the journey for your employees from the time they are a candidate to the time that they exit the organisation. We ensure that you are seen as an employer of choice who invests in the team and wellbeing of the employees. More specifically, we can help with:

  • Employee Journey Mapping.
  • Identifying critical touchpoints.
  • Designing HR processes & procedures across the touchpoints.
  • Create the employer brand in alignment with the employee journey.
  • Streamline overall HR operations.