Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Employee Relations Management is a critical responsibility of both the management and human resources department. It is pertinent to establish and maintain a harmonious working environment across all roles, levels, and teams. Setting boundaries and managing expectations during onboarding creates a lasting impression which dictates employee actions and choice of relationships they build throughout their whole stay. As employees are a major asset in any company, it is vital for them to perform collectively and contribute equally to achieving the company’s goals.

At S&K Consulting, we strive to build collaborative relationships between employees which greatly affects their performance and satisfaction. Our approach involves creating cross-functional teams, promoting social interaction, providing communication tools, conducting team-building activities, and organizing regular meetings with top management. Our team of qualified and experienced HR consultants works closely with you to address any employee relations issues that may arise. We are dedicated to helping you build a positive and productive work environment.
To benefit from our expert Employee Relations Consulting service, we invite you to contact us today. Together, we can enhance employee engagement, improve teamwork, and create a conducive workplace that drives business success.

Our Service Inclusions

Managing Complex Issues

We specialise in providing guidance and support in navigating complex and sensitive employee issues with the utmost objectivity, ensuring the protection and respect of all parties involved. Employee Relations Management demands a delicate balance of tact and fairness towards both the employee and the employer. Our advice takes into consideration the legal obligations of the employer according to the UAE Labour Law, as well as the responsibilities of the employee as per company policies.

Investigations & Support

At S&K Consulting, we prioritize ensuring a just and fair employee relations process by conducting thorough investigations into allegations to determine if there is a legitimate case to address. This encompasses disciplinary, grievance, and whistleblowing investigations. In each of these instances, we provide expert advice on the relevant laws, policies, and procedures to effectively handle the situation and offer an independent perspective.

Our commitment is to support our clients in resolving employee matters amicably, fostering a positive work environment. With extensive experience in handling complex employee relations cases, we have gained the trust of our clients to serve as the unbiased and independent party that ensures due process is followed.

Performance Improvement

The distinction between a high-performing and underperforming employee can significantly influence the overall productivity of a team and business. At our consultancy, we provide valuable support to clients in identifying the underlying factors contributing to poor performance. Our approach involves assisting line managers in understanding the root causes of underperformance and equipping them with the necessary skills to develop meaningful and action-oriented improvement plans in collaboration with the employee.

By conducting thorough performance assessments, we help pinpoint the specific areas where improvement is needed. Through effective communication and coaching techniques, we empower managers to facilitate constructive feedback discussions and establish clear performance expectations.

Labour Case Preparation

At our HR Consultancy, we provide comprehensive support to clients facing labour dispute claims, threats from disgruntled employees, or the need to file a case in arbitration or labour courts. With years of experience assisting businesses in similar situations, we are well-equipped to guide you through the process and help you prepare and submit a strong response to any dispute claims.

Our team works closely with you, offering expert advice and insights to navigate the complexities of the legal proceedings. We collaborate with you to understand the specifics of your case and develop a robust strategy to present your side effectively. Drawing on our wealth of knowledge and operational experience in HR, we ensure that your company’s interests and reputation are protected throughout the dispute resolution process.

What We Can Do for You

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with business-driven, people-focused advisory services that encompass all aspects of people management. By partnering with us, we can help you achieve the following:

  • Obtain a clear understanding of the overall employee experiences and relationships within your company, enabling you to make informed decisions and improvements.
  • Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism among your employees by implementing effective strategies and practices.
  • Develop policies and procedures that are fully compliant with labour laws and other relevant regulatory authorities, ensuring legal and ethical adherence.
  • Benefit from a trusted partner who can manage employee relation cases confidentially, sensitively, objectively, and professionally, protecting the interests of all parties involved.
  • Access reliable and timely support, guidance, and advice when dealing with workplace issues and difficult employees, enabling you to address challenges promptly and effectively.
  • Enhance employee morale through outcome-oriented plans that can be measured for their return on investment, leading to a positive and motivated workforce.
  • Receive assistance in preparing and equipping your company to handle and mitigate disputes, minimising potential risks and protecting your business.

By leveraging our expertise, you can optimise your people management practices, foster a harmonious work environment, and safeguard your Company’s reputation. Our comprehensive services are designed to address your unique needs and challenges, ensuring sustainable growth and success for your business.