HR Audit Dubai

HR Audit

As you set up a business, it is important to create policies, systems and processes to aid the efficient management of operations. That being said, some businesses that have grown organically may or may not have had the opportunity to develop a clear HR Policies, Processes and practices ocesses due to a number of reasons.

The development of HR Policies, Processes and practices takes significant time and effort. It is important to find the right balance between compliance and alignment with the corporate culture. With the legal and organisational landscape being an ever-changing domain, frequent reviews are vital to keeping everything updated. An HR Audit Dubai Process helps your organisation to continue with its efficient functioning without any threats in today’s litigious business environment. This is where we come in.

At S&K Consulting, we provide a comprehensive 3-pronged HR Audit to provide key insights into the HR health of an organisation. We provide a holistic assessment of whether HR Practices are genuinely business accelerators. The findings then guide the development of a strategy to create or enhance HR Policies & Procedures, Systems, and data.

These insights can be used to validate what is working well, identify gaps and provide recommendations for improvement.

Should you wish to review the current HR health of your organisation from a best practice perspective or as a starting point to address HR challenges, please reach out to our team today.

Our Service Inclusions

Legal Compliance Check

Whether you are a Startup or SME, it is critical for you to comply with all HR Laws, industry standards and legislations. As a reputed HR Consultancy, we assist you to ensure your business adheres to all applicable local laws and regulations.

HR Best Practices Audit

Our HR Best Practices Audit reviews whether the current HR practices are aligned to industry best practice to enhance competitive advantage, employer branding, employee attraction and retention and overall employment experience.

Strategic People Review

We assess the current systems and frameworks to gauge and establish alignment of the HR Strategy to the overall business strategy. This is done across the team structure, HR Policies, HR Procedures, HR Systems and all reports and documentation.

What We Can Do for You

An independent third-party evaluation assures stakeholders, investors, and management that HR is a business enabler that follows regulations and provides appropriate support. Through this service, we can help you:

  • Interviews with key stakeholders and focus group to assess perception of HR effectiveness.
  • Review existing HR Policies and Procedures to ensure they are streamlined, current in terms of regulations, technology and industry best practice.
  • Asses the HR function against best practices across industries to help assess whether your business is an “Employer of Choice”.
  • Evaluate HR Policies and Procedures across Employee Life Cycle and determine whether they support the business plan and their strategic direction, vision and mission.
  • Focus on core HR functions and instruments such as HR Policies & Procedures, Employee Handbook, and HR Systems to assess their alignment with the short and long-term business goals.
  • Review employee files, Learning records and other related documents.
  • Review online and offline systems to asses functionality and sustainability to HR and business requirements. Prepare and provide a comprehensive report summarizing the findings and recommendations to support it.
  • Prepare and provide a comprehensive report summarising the findings and recommendations to support it.