HR Information System

HR Information System

In this current day and age, there are a myriad options available for HR Information Systems (HRIS) or HR Management Systems (HRMS). It can range from a small employee database to a multi-million dollar Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and everything in between. It allows businesses to:

Increase Productivity: Businesses can have a centralised repository for employee data, leave requests, absence records, payroll, etc.

Remain Compliant: An HRIS allows businesses to have all the required HR information and documents stored in one place. This allows ease of access in the event of an audit or legal requirements.

Become Data-driven: Businesses can now use data to get valuable insights such as headcount, salaries, retention rate, employee satisfaction, and even the effectiveness of various initiatives.

At S&K Consulting, we are HRIS software agnostic. We work with the business to understand their unique and specific requirements and help them to procure the best and most effective solution for their business.

Our Service Inclusions

Understand Business Requirements

No two businesses are the same; therefore, the requirements and criteria for an HRIS or HRMS will differ. In addition to understanding unique business requirements, we also advise on minimum requirements that may be required based on legislation or industry requirements.

Communicate with Suppliers

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous options available in the market for an HRIS or HRMS. We reach out to various suppliers or vendors to understand their offering and match it to the unique business requirements identified.

Customise Software

Where required, we work with both the business and the software solution providers to ensure that any additional system customisations and/or configurations are done as per standards required and agreed.

Implementation Support

We ensure that your team receives all the support required in terms of systems training as well as post-implementation support. This may include on-site support or remote support for a period of time until we are confident that the system is functioning as required and all employees are comfortable using the system.

What We Can Do for You

With over 35 years of experience, we understand HR requirements and we understand systems that meet these requirements, whether it’s managing Time & Attendance or end-to-end HR management support, i.e., recruitment to separation. Therefore, we can:

  • Translate HR requirements for your business to system requirements.
  • Reach out to vendors of HR Solutions.
  • Manage the end to end procurement process.
  • Support customisation of the system.
  • Manage implementation and training for the team.