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HR Outsourcing

Up to 60% of most operational expenses are related to people expenses. With effective cost management as a critical element for the life of the business, companies are revisiting how they provide great people experiences while managing their expenses. Outsourcing your HR Function to S&K Consulting is one way.

We act as an extension of your team, so your employees enjoy efficient world-class HR advice and services while you save on time, money and other manpower costs such as visas, annual leave, gratuity etc. involved in building your HR infrastructure. With our collective operational and business partnership experience in various sectors, our offering addresses people challenges as business and HR experts. This allows us to provide support at both a strategic and operational level.

Managing people costs is critical when almost 60% of operational costs are in the balance. We have proven success in positively impacting both small and large business. From quick wins, operational efficiencies to strategic changes, we can bring this expertise to your business. You can purchase a fixed number of hours per month to suit your business requirements and use it across all our services. Backed by a highly experienced and passionate team of professionals, we extend our HR outsourcing solutions to businesses based all across the UAE. To learn more about our service, please contact us today!

Benefit To You

You save on time, money and manpower involved in building your HR infrastructure. Your employees receive efficient world-class HR advice and services.


  • Day to Day HR Support
  • HR Transaction Management i.e salary letters
  • Employee Benefit Administration
  • Payroll, WPS
  • Employee Relations i.e sickness absence
  • Employee Database Management

Our HR Outsourcing Packages

10 hours

per month

30 hours

per month

60 hours

per month

100 hours

per month

HR Outsourcing Solutions We Offer

Retained HR Services

Through our retained HR service, we provide comprehensive HR support both onsite and remotely. You can benefit from unlimited expert HR advice as well as day to operational support tailored to your business and people needs which can include:

  • HR set-up,
  • Employee relations management,
  • HR documentation such as contracts, forms, templates,
  • HR Operational support- recruitment through to termination,
  • HR Advisory.

Not all business need or want a large HR function… however, it is vital you understand your responsibilities in relation to people management and the legislative framework that applies.

Interim HR Support

We understand that businesses may need flexible and ad-hoc support periodically for reasons such as scale up periods, transitions or something as common as maternity cover. For such HR requirements, we provide access to diverse and experienced team of consultants that can be placed at short notice and support your business right away. Our interim HR services can include:

  • Recruitment to assist with rapid expansion.
  • Transition of employees due to business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, buy-out.
  • Supplement in-house HR staff when there is shortage of resources.

It is a budget friendly way to get professional HR support services without spending time on extensive recruitment efforts for talent search.

Adhoc HR Support

With more than 50 years of collective experience of working in companies in different industry sectors, we are able to support business on an ad-hoc basis. The support can range from providing HR advisory service to managing a specific end to end case. They can include:

  • Crisis management in the event of a workplace incident
  • Case management in disciplinary and grievance incidents

Benefits of HR Outsourcing

The HR function plays a critical role to your business success regardless of the size of the business. With even one employee in the business, as a minimum you are bound by labour law obligations and having the right HR support mitigates any legal risk.

With our HR Outsourcing services, you benefit by:

  • Accessing HR advisors who will get to know your business, including your values, culture and employees.
  • Refocusing on revenue generating initiatives.
  • Controlling costs by reducing expenses on hiring in-house.
  • Saving time because you have experts working on your people requirements.
  • Reducing risk and liability by ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Why Outsource Your HR to S&K Consulting?

Experienced Team

With over 50 years of experience in Human Resources across industries and geographies, we are able to provide robust and reliable advice and support.


We have deep and practical understanding of all applicable laws and regulations across GCC and industries such as healthcare, aviation, oil and gas, etc.


Our wide range of services and outsourcing packages provide the flexibility to align it to your business needs. You have the option to modify the level of support needed at any time.

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