HR Process Automation

HR Process Automation

As several businesses are rapidly making the transition to digitizing ways of working, it is important that HR follows suite. Automation of HR processes helps businesses to streamline and speed up their ways of working and spend more time on people-centered tasks. From creating an employer brand online to setting up a process for automation of large chunks of the recruitment process to even managing day-to-day HR operational activities, automating HR processes has several benefits.

A large part of HR operational management is managing documents whether it is CV/Resume collection and screening, on-boarding paper-work, visa or work permit issuance, documenting poor performance or promotions and development opportunities. Automating all such related processes increases productivity and efficiency across the business.

HR automation also allows business owners to track, collect and analyse data across the employee lifecycle which in turn informs and aid key people related, decision making processes. Also, manual completion of critical processes such as payroll, managing planned and unplanned absences etc. can lead to human error and wasted time in corrections.

At S&K Consulting, we can help you to map all your HR processes to identify opportunities to automate. This process of automation of key HR processes will in turn help you to increase efficiencies, reduce errors and build a sustainable business where HR focusses on strategic, people-centric processes.

Our End to End Automate HR Processes

Recruitment Process

We can help you create a streamlined process that can be either mapped to a bespoke solution or into a new ERP software that allows you to strategically manage your employee lifecycle and employer brand from the first interaction itself. This includes, posting job ads, tracking responses, candidate management, pre-employment assessment, automated email flows etc.

Employee On-Boarding

The onboarding of new employees is a critical step in ensuring that your new team member is successful in their new role. From collecting documents for processing visas/work permits to providing access to learning about HR Policies & Procedures and even providing information on relocating to a new country, if required, all this and more can be automated to create a clear and consistent on-boarding experience.

HR Operations

On-going daily HR operations i.e. Time & Attendance management, Leave management, Sickness Absence Management etc. is repetitive in nature and can be easily automated to allow line managers to focus on employee empowering and growth initiatives. We can help you build these processes and automate them to create efficiencies within the business.

What We Can Do for You

Our team can help you transition from manual processes to automating key HR processes that will allow your business to become more efficient, save time, money and related resources.

More specifically, we can support you with:

  • Identifying key HR processes to automate.
  • Outlining the current practices to identify opportunities for automation.
  • Re-engineer key HR processes, where required, for seamless automation.
  • Manage the implementation processes directly with the team or a 3rd party vendor.