HR Process Re-Engineering

HR Process Re-Engineering

In a business, to achieve innovation or transformational in critical measures of people management and performance such as talent quality, cost, efficiency, and radical rethinking is required. Redesigning critical human resource processes to improve employee productivity and reduce time spent on various activities is essential to succeed in true transformation. For any company to operate efficiently and effectively, the HR department must have exceptional communication skills, a structure in place while equipped and trained to use the latest technology. Some of those tools have already been integrated into our day-to-day activities, while others are waiting to be discovered or incorporated into the current system. This is where S&K HR Consulting comes into the picture and works with you to assess the HR processes and systems and determine whether the business objectives are met and whether they are aligned with your organisation’s goals and missions.

Our goal is to help the organisation fulfil its vision through effective utilisation of its human resources and allow HR to step forward and be trailblazers. The outcomes can lead to improvements in response time, reduced costs, higher employee engagement, and improved employee experience scores. Additionally, we help you re-think how your business operates and find new and improved ways to provide you with more efficient ways of providing HR services. If you are considering reviewing or streamline HR processes, give us a call today to learn more about our services.

Our Service Inclusions

As-is Process Review

We work with the in-house HR teams to understand as-is scenarios and take an inventory of current documented and undocumented HR processes and procedures as well as systems. We then identify and prioritise target processes and initiate discussions with process users and subject matter experts. This would allow us to understand what is going on in the workplace and where we can be of assistance.

Analyse As-Is Process

We identify gaps, fundamental issues, redundancies, and strategic disconnects, which further helps us determine and analyse the processes and identify opportunities for re-engineering.

Identify Challenge Areas

We document the finding and identify problems, inefficiencies, redundancies, and analyse opportunities to address these gaps. We assist by addressing specific areas and providing bespoke solutions in collaboration with key stakeholders that are fit for the business.

Develop to-be Process

We establish the requirements needed to achieve your goals while addressing the gaps and problem areas. The focus will be to overcome these as efficiently working with the process owners and users to ensure that the re-engineered processes are sustainable and effective.


We conduct tests before piloting the processes and understand the change management programme requirements. We recognise that this is key to success, and we work hand-in-hand with the HR function to support and facilitate the transition to new ways of work until they are embedded as business as usual.

Evaluate & Follow-up

A follow-up or an evaluation of such implementation may take place upon an agreed period of time to review the success of the implementation and what may need further revisions.

What We Can Do For You

Our consultants have hands-on experience and expertise that spans across all core HR functions, including talent acquisition, talent development, HR technology, thus ensuring that your HR process re-engineering design and implementation will be firmly grounded on workable conditions and deliver results. Through this service, we can help you:

  • Deliver end-to-end solutions for your HR process reengineering needs.
  • Offer practical solutions such as cost and time efficiency, resource utilisation, and improvements in turnaround times.
  • Position the HR function as an advisor and facilitator of business’ people strategy.
  • Provide role clarity, reduction in duplication of tasks, improvement in control.