HR Project Support

HR Project Support

Every HR project has unique goals or objectives that require a well-defined management plan to make it successful. At S&K Consulting we have a qualified team of Project Managers who lead and manage end-to-end projects. Our expert HR professionals are adept at working with key stakeholders to create detailed project plans with clear deliverables and timelines. This can range from setting up your HR back office framework to implementing an HRMS solution for your business.

We offer project management services for Start Ups and SMEs across various sectors. We also help define and track budget allocation and consumption to ensure projects are delivered as per approved budgets. We provide weekly and monthly progress reports to all stakeholders to ensure clear communications and transparency.

Please reach out to us for all project management requirements to ensure fit-for-purpose HR support.

Our Service Inclusions

Understand Business Requirements

Firstly, we seek to understand the overall project scope, stakeholders involved, project objectives, associated timelines, and allocated budget.

Develop Project Plan

Based on the business requirements, we develop a multilevel project plan with detailed deliverables and milestones. We also identify key dependencies as well as flag any expected risks that may prohibit timely completion.

Implement Project Plan

We work with the various stakeholders to ensure timely completion of deliverables, raise risks and ensure seamless communication between the various stakeholders involved. We also provide weekly and monthly project status reports to provide timely updates and accommodate for any changes in business requirements.

Project Completion & Handover

On successful completion of the project, we provide a detailed handover to the business including all relevant documentation pertaining to the project.

What We Can Do for You

A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to all projects to ensure oversight and seamless management as per business requirements and objectives. We adopt a robust project management framework to assure all stakeholders involved of progress until successful completion. More specifically, we:

  • Determine project scope and ensure proper maintenance of all the project-related documents.
  • Cover every aspect of project management including administrative support, scheduling, risk management, quality checks and technical assistance.
  • Ensure stringent management over project deliverables.
  • Ensure timely completion of every project as per budget allocations.