Your HR Set-Up in 6 Weeks!

What Is HR in a Box?

Let’s face it! Managing people without the right processes and documentation can hamper the creation of a trustworthy and sustainable business. However, creating these processes and documentation is time consuming and entrepreneurs prefer to spend time on direct revenue generating activities like business development and marketing. We get this!

So, we have solved this pain point by creating a simple, easy to use solution where you receive every single HR document that you need to engage your employees and protect your business.

Its called HR in a Box.

With HR in a Box, your entire HR Set Up is completed within just 6 weeks. It is your go-to resource to help you manage every aspect of your HR function through personalised HR documents, tools and templates. From Employment Contracts to HR Policies & Procedures, you will receive all the HR tools and templates you need to plan, organise and manage your people.

HR in a Box empowers ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners who understand the power of streamlined processes and people management to build a successful business. With HR in a Box you can ensure that each employee feels valued from hire to retire and all that comes in between. Essentially, we have thought outside the box to empower you to protect, manage and grow your business.

Build & Sustain a
Profitable Business

Establish & Strenghten
Your HR Foundation
Foster & Promote a
Positive Employee Experience

What Is Included In HR in a Box?

80+ Personalised HR documents, tools and templates to set your business up for success.

Employment Templates

Welcome new employees to the team with a personalised Offer Letter and Employment Contract, made to legally outline the nature of your business relationship. This includes additional clauses over and above the standard MOHRE clauses.

HR Policies & Procedures

Receive a suite of personalised HR Policies and Procedures to provide clear guidelines for managers on how to manage the employment relationship. This allows clear communication of values, transparency and consistency to create a positive company culture.

Employee Handbook

Communicate your Company’s history, mission, vision, and values in a simple and easy to understand manner. An Employee Handbook is a valuable HR document, it is the go-to guide for all employees to understand company standards and expectations.

HR Forms

Receive a range of HR Forms to document key employee information and to streamline HR operations. We provide this to help you navigate every stage of the employee life cycle from hire to retire.

HR Templates

Whether you need to keep track of a new employee’s onboarding activity or assist under-performing employees in accessing the resources they need to meet their goals, HR in a Box includes all the templates needed for every HR eventuality.

HR Letters

For any business in the UAE, HR letters are a must-have to support employees across a range of activities from opening a bank account to securing a driver’s license and even for personal or professional travel. The box contains 35 letter templates to prepare you for every scenario.

Why Is HR in a Box Right For You?

HR in a Box powers your business and your people by providing you with a personalised set of HR documents to help you create a fair, efficient and profitable business. It ensures that your business is protected as per UAE labour law and relieves you of dealing with day to day employee issues allowing you to focus resources, time and money on growing the business.

We have created HR in a Box with YOUR BUSINESS in mind.

Makes you a
trusted employer

Ensures Compliance with
UAE Labour Law

Provides guidelines
for line managers

Protects your

Sets clear standards &
expectations for all

Reduces employee

Creates a positive
employee experience

Improves operational

Reduces employee

Experience HR in a Box

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