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Introducing HR in a Box

Let’s face it! Managing people without the right processes and documentation can hamper the creation of a trustworthy and sustainable business. However, creating these processes and documentation is time consuming and entrepreneurs prefer to spend time on direct revenue generating activities like business development and marketing. We get this!

So, we have solved this pain point by creating a simple, easy to use solution where you receive every single HR document that you need to engage your employees and protect your business.

Its called HR in a Box.

With HR in a Box, your entire HR Set Up is completed within just 6 weeks. It is your go-to resource to help you manage every aspect of your HR function through personalised HR documents, tools and templates. From Employment Contracts to HR Policies & Procedures, you will receive all the HR tools and templates you need to plan, organise and manage your people.

HR in a Box empowers ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners who understand the power of streamlined processes and people management to build a successful business. With HR in a Box you can ensure that each employee feels valued from hire to retire and all that comes in between. Essentially, we have thought outside the box to empower you to protect, manage and grow your business.

Build & Sustain a
Profitable Business

Establish & Strenghten
Your HR Foundation
Foster & Promote a
Positive Employee Experience

What Is Included In HR in a Box?

80+ Personalised HR documents, tools and templates to set your business up for success.

Employment Templates

Welcome new employees to the team with a personalised Offer Letter and Employment Contract, made to legally outline the nature of your business relationship. This includes additional clauses over and above the standard MOHRE clauses.

HR Policies & Procedures

Receive a suite of personalised HR Policies and Procedures to provide clear guidelines for managers on how to manage the employment relationship. This allows clear communication of values, transparency and consistency to create a positive company culture.

Employee Handbook

Communicate your Company’s history, mission, vision, and values in a simple and easy to understand manner. An Employee Handbook is a valuable HR document, it is the go-to guide for all employees to understand company standards and expectations.

HR Forms

Receive a range of HR Forms to document key employee information and to streamline HR operations. We provide this to help you navigate every stage of the employee life cycle from hire to retire.

HR Templates

Whether you need to keep track of a new employee’s onboarding activity or assist under-performing employees in accessing the resources they need to meet their goals, HR in a Box includes all the templates needed for every HR eventuality.

HR Letters

For any business in the UAE, HR letters are a must-have to support employees across a range of activities from opening a bank account to securing a driver’s license and even for personal or professional travel. The box contains 35 letter templates to prepare you for every scenario.

Why Is HR in a Box Right For You?

HR in a Box powers your business and your people by providing you with a personalised set of HR documents to help you create a fair, efficient and profitable business. It ensures that your business is protected as per UAE labour law and relieves you of dealing with day to day employee issues allowing you to focus resources, time and money on growing the business.

We have created HR in a Box with YOUR BUSINESS in mind.

Makes you a
trusted employer

Ensures Compliance with
UAE Labour Law

Provides guidelines
for line managers

Protects your

Sets clear standards &
expectations for all

Reduces employee

Creates a positive
employee experience

Improves operational

Reduces employee

Here's How Our Clients Feel


I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your invaluable assistance in our recent HR process. Your expertise and dedication played a crucial role in ensuring its success.

Your professionalism and attention to detail were evident throughout the process, and I am truly grateful for your support. Your contributions have made a significant difference, and I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to both of you.

As a startup company, FalcoWH had the privilege of partnering with S & K HR Consultancy to lay the foundation for our HR processes. In particular, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and admiration to Aruma and Elrona for their exceptional dedication and expertise throughout our journey.

From the outset, Aruma and Elrona demonstrated an unwavering commitment to understanding our unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. Their personalized approach, coupled with their profound knowledge of HR best practices, was instrumental in crafting tailored solutions that perfectly aligned with our organizational mission and vision.

Aruma's visionary leadership and strategic acumen were invaluable in conceptualizing and designing our HR framework from scratch. Her ability to anticipate our future needs while addressing our immediate requirements ensured that our HR processes were not only efficient but also scalable and adaptable to our evolving business environment.

Elrona's meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach to implementation were nothing short of exemplary. Her hands-on guidance and expert guidance provided us with the confidence and reassurance we needed as a startup venturing into uncharted territory. With Elrona at the helm, every aspect of our HR initiatives was executed with precision and professionalism.

Together, Aruma and Elrona formed an unbeatable team that not only guided us through the complexities of HR management but also empowered us to embrace the journey with confidence and clarity. Their passion for their work, coupled with their genuine care for our success, transcended the typical client-contractor relationship and evolved into a true partnership.

Thanks to the unparalleled support and guidance of S & K HR Consultancy, Aruma, and Elrona, FalcoWH has been able to establish a robust HR foundation that serves as the backbone of our organization. As we continue to grow and thrive, we do so with the utmost gratitude for the invaluable role they played in our success.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend S & K HR Consultancy to any startup or organization seeking expert HR solutions delivered with professionalism, integrity, and a personal touch. Aruma and Elrona are not just consultants; they are catalysts for transformation and growth.

Heba Shaheen
HR Operations Manager
Hard rock
amafin holding

S&K is fantastic. Their expertise and processes are great, their turnaround time is excellent, and they know what they are doing. I'm an HR professional in the US but we needed a professional to assist us in Dubai. We had floundered for years in our HR policies and practices in the UAE because the laws of the country were both different from US law, and Dubai regulation is in a period of change. They are the experts we were looking for. Once you begin to interact with true HR professionals, you can spot them a mile away. I knew I had found the best five minutes into our first conversation. I highly recommend S&K.

Tony Benjamin, MBA, PHR
Head of HR
Hard Rock Solutions/Superior Drilling Products
CLS- security

Amazing team and the package HR in a Box was a tremendous help and support for the start up of our business, truly recommend to all this company for is commitment, professionalism and knowledge.

Gonçalo Salgado
CLS Security UAE

Great expertise showcased by S&K HR Consulting in establishing our HR Framework for our business. The level of professionalism and attention to detail exhibited throughout the journey was truly outstanding. The team's rigorous approach to each deliverable has surpassed all our expectations. Their guidance and insights proved to be an invaluable asset at every step of the process. Thanks to their efforts, we now possess a robust HR foundation poised to propel our achievements. We wholeheartedly endorse their services!

Rawan Bazzari
Director of HR
Shuttle Zone

Working with S & K HR Consultancy was very much a positive one. Elrona & Team brings you best practices and specific local knowledge, which helped us align our organisation's business strategies. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would not hesitate to recommend them for HR consultancy projects.

Dilukshi Ferdinando
Partner & Head of HR
Shuttle Zone
Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic

Desma and Elrona are just wonderful people and an absolute privilege to work with. For the past 6 months, they have spared no effort to drastically improve all our HR policies. They also identified and filled up our gaps by coming up with a world-class framework. They helped us getting ready to expand in the region by bringing their wealth of knowledge to every HR aspects of our business.
We are very grateful for our collaboration and very confident in recommending S&K to any company sharing the same goal of organisational excellence .

Michael Becker
Co-Founder & Group Managing Director
Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic (DISC)
Real Boxing Only Gym

S&K Consulting were the right people for a hard job. I am an owner of a SME and as I began to grow, recruiting new people – I started to run into a lot of HR problems that I had no idea how to solve. I had no policies in place and my idea of the right way to discipline or exit an employee were based on google. I knew that I needed to really dig deep into what my company stood for, how we wanted to operate and a clear way to communicate that to my team. Elrona, in specific, spent a lot of hours with me over the span of two months as we developed all the tools I needed to have a clear and concise vision, and message to my team. As well as helping me understand my employee’s rights, and for them to have a good working environment. I highly recommend these well versed professionals when it comes to all your HR concerns.

Michelle Kuehn
Managing Director
Real Boxing Only Gym

Legitimate HR consultancy in Dubai! We are impressed with outstanding professionalism and expertise of the whole team. Not to mention, we have enjoyed working with Ms. Elrona, Ms. Poonam and Sangeeta. The team was very considerate and understanding and was willing to adjust and recommend specific HR policies which are more suitable to our company's needs. Ms. Desma was really flexible, too, giving us considerations on all our demands. We hope to be working with you all again in the future!

Zaid Kishawi
Managing Director

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