HR Systems Sourcing

HR Systems Sourcing

In the current market, there are a numerous HR Systems available for use that provides vast benefits to the organisation. HR systems reduce the time required for acquiring and maintaining employee information. Streamlining simple processes like attendance management, holiday allowance etc. It enables processes efficiency through automation and streamlining. It also enhances business and people decision making through reliable HR metrics and meaningful HR reports.

Streamlining the HR operations using a single system helps in easy tracking and planning workforce activities for the throughout the Employee lifecycle. It will ensure error-free management of payroll and HR transactions such as sickness absences, leave requests, terminations, reimbursements, among others.

So, how do you select the HR Software solution that is right for your business?

Based on the size of your current business and your future growth aspirations, there is an HR Software to suit your requirements. This can range from candidate application tracking systems that then feeds into the lifecycle of the employee or can be used for the purpose of record keeping and processing payroll.

At S&K Consulting, we partner with you to define your requirements, support a robust and objective procurement process of selecting the right HR software and manage the implementation process of the selected software.

Our Service Inclusions

Defining Business Requirements

We take time to understand your unique business and the people management requirements to help define key system functionalities that you should expect from the HR Software. This will allow you to save time, money and other resources by sifting through complex HR system capabilities and defining what is right for your business. We take a deep dive to understand the current existing processes and assess their effectiveness prior to recommending them for automation.

HR System Evaluation

We partner with your in-house procurement team or lead the process of vendor selection to provide you with a shortlist of HR Software Solutions that are most suited to your business as per your requirements and budget. We support the selection of the right solution that allows your business to enable increased productivity, improve employee retention and increase efficiencies by accurately comparing the available options against your business requirements.

HR Systems Implementation

At S&K Consulting, we work as part of your team to manage the implementation, modification and customisation of the selected HR system. We facilitate the process of data gathering, mapping and clean-up to ensure information that is recorded in the system is compliant and fit for purpose. We facilitate the interlinking of system requirements to functional requirements and vice versa.

User Training

The successful implementation of any HR System must be supported by a clear user training that allows all stakeholders to benefit from the features and system capabilities. We support this process by ensuring that the HR System providers deliver a fit for purpose training program that equips users to use the system and subsequently improve the efficiency of people operations.

What We Can Do for You

We believe that the selection of the right HR Technology for your business is critical to managing your people operations in a legally compliant, accurate and structured manner. This provides the ability to optimise utilisation of workforce and drives efficient and effective decision making.

We also ensure that HR Software enables your business to optimally use resources, link management goals with employee performance, manage employee turnover and establish the Company’s competitive position.

Therefore, we partner with you and work on your behalf to identify and select the right HR System for your business.