Job Description

Job Description

The process of understanding, articulating, and documenting the roles, responsibilities and requirements for a particular job within an organisation is an important factor to ensuring success of an employee. A well written Job Description is used across the employee cycle from creating clear job ads for the purpose of recruitment to identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure and manage performance.

The Job Description also allows employers to determine the appropriate compensation and benefits for the position. This allows them to attract the right talent as well as retain that talent through a proper Performance Management process and Succession planning, thus supporting the growth and development of employees.

At S&K Consulting, we create comprehensive Job Descriptions through a carefully outlined process where we seek to understand the role from various stakeholders. Through a detailed Job Analysis and Design framework, we establish the fundamentals on the basis of which, employers can create a clear Organisation Structure to support the effective running of business operations.

Please reach out to us for all your Job Description creation and analysis requirements.

Our Service Inclusions

Develop Job Descriptions

We create a comprehensive job description after a thorough understanding of the role. This is based on interviews with various stakeholders and often with the current incumbent to understand the day-to-day operations.

You may also download our FREE Job Description template available on our FREE TEMPLATE section.

Evaluate Job Descriptions

In addition to creating precise job descriptions, we also use industry recognised methodologies to evaluate the descriptions. This can then be used to size the various roles within an organisation structure to ensure fairness and effectiveness in the performance of the structure.

Benchmark Job Descriptions

We offer both, market based, and published salary data-based benchmarking of Compensation tied to Job Descriptions. This is to ensure an equitable and fair approach of determining compensation and allowance/benefits for the various role.

What We Can Do for You

Drawing from over 35 years of experience across industries, we offer our expertise across various aspects of creating a well-crafted and accurate Job Description. This will help you across the employee lifecycle i.e., from the time you advertise a new role through the process of rewarding talent and retaining their employment.

We can work with you to create a Job Description template that fits your business, as well as populate the template with clear descriptions for each role. This is based on a detailed interview process with the various stakeholders, the job incumbent and providing our expertise on market practices. More specifically, we can:

  • Create role-based detailed Job Descriptions.
  • Work with line managers to understand the roles and responsibilities.
  • Understand day to day operations from the current incumbent, where one is in place.
  • Make oraganisational structural recommendations, where required.
  • Analyse and evaluate the Job Descriptions based on market day or published salary data.