Labour Law Compliance

Labour Law Compliance

As an employer, your obligation as per the UAE law begins from the time you hire your first employee. While the UAE Labour Law stipulates all applicable laws for various categories of workers, it may be challenging to fully comprehend the Labour Laws applicable to your team. This is where we at S&K Consulting step in.

There are numerous laws and regulations governing the employment relationship that HR professionals must understand and navigate to help ensure companies avoid hefty fines and other penalties, including potential harm to the organisation’s reputation.

With over 41+ years of experience, we offer end-to-end labour law compliance services for Start-Ups and SMEs across UAE. Our HR Consultants offers you advise on UAE Labour Law on all aspects of the business right from incorporation of the entity, during growth stage, till closure. To avail our advice on Labour Law Compliance, contact us by sending us an enquiry.

Our Service Inclusions

UAE Labour Law Advisory & Compliance

Through our Labour Law advisory services, we are able to advice on all aspects of the UAE Labour Law that impacts your business. In addition, we monitor employment and industry regulations regularly, allowing us to quickly and accurate advice on and implement new laws or amendments to existing laws. This ensures your business to remain compliant at all times from an HR perspective.

HR Compliance Audit

We provide three levels of an HR audit, HR Compliance, HR Best Practices and Strategic HR Review to provide a holistic approach that can be used to build on strengths in your team capability and provide a strategic roadmap for HR transformation where required. This is usually done through reviews of existing HR Policies and Procedures, all HR Processes, Employee Files, Learning and Development records and all current systems in place (online and offline) to assess functionality and suitability to HR and business requirements.

Employment Contract Review

With over 35 years of experience, we provide a comprehensive review of employment contracts, for all applicable contractual relationships. As an outcome of this process, we provide an overall score which indicates compliance as per UAE Labour Law as well as provide industry-based recommendations for any amendments that may be required or clauses that are missed.

Employee Relations

We help you navigate complex employee relations issues, disciplinary management to ensure that it is managed in a fair manner compliant with the UAE Labour Law. This protects you as an employer as well as ensures that your employees benefit from a due process that is fair, transparent and conducted with integrity.

What We Can Do for You

To ensure that you are protected as an employer and provide a compliant and positive working environment for your team, we can support you with the following:

  • We conduct HR Compliance Audits and review all applicable HR Policies, Procedures, documents, systems, etc.
  • We provide regular updates on any changes or amendments to the UAE Labour Law or applicable regulatory bodies.
  • We prepare documentation aligned with the UAE Labour Laws.
  • We keep your business well-protected by ensuring that your people operations are in compliance with the latest laws and regulations.
  • We can provide independent third-party support on an Employee Relations matters to facilitate a mutually beneficial resolution.