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At S&K Consulting, we believe in providing value to the business community. Here are some templates that you can download for FREE to use in your business.   We will continue to update these templates. So, watch this space! To gain access to any of these templates please provide your details on the form below.



As you start growing your team, use this template to document the roles, responsibilities and requirements of the position.

To provide an optimum onboarding experience for your new joiner, provide this template to your new team member to keep track their on-boarding activities.

To ensure employers maintain a consistent on-boarding experience for new joiner, use this template as a guide to track all activities to create a welcoming on-boarding experience.

As a business, use this guide to self-assess whether you are equipped to be effective as HR i.e. without seeking professional HR support.

Use this poster as signage to place around the office environment as a reminder of safe hygiene practices during and post Covid-19.

To make remote working a success, it is essential to have a policy in place for all employees to be on the same page.

Use this checklist to ensure your preparation for remote working is in order.

In unprecented times like Covid-19 or similar situations, regular check-ins with your leaders is paramount. Use this checklist to guide your actions.

Use this template to guide all your one-to-one meetings with your team members.

This document provides answers to some Frequently Asked Questions around the mandated subscription to the Unemployment Insurance Scheme in the UAE

This document provides answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on the Wage Protection System in DMCC.