Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

We are excited because that increasing number of companies in the UAE are disrupting their business model through mergers and acquisitions for the purposes of business growth, scale or transformation.. All of which give organisations a chance to increase market shares, gain competitive advantage, and expand their company’s reach and transform to much bigger players in their domain.

Our team of professional HR Consultants have been providing practical advice and helping companies big and small manage the seamless people transition and HR integration. We have navigated the complexities associated with cultural compatibility, organisation restructuring, alignment of compensation & rewards systems and other changes that involve people and HR. We assess the macro and micro elements at every stage of the deal and carefully manage the related risks. With our comprehensive guidance, our clients maximise the benefits of managing the people aspect of the deal. If you are exploring such investments or deals and would like to know how to manage the people transition, then reach out to us.

Our Service Inclusions

Pre-Deal Strategy

An organisation needs to have the right people related information before merging with other companies or acquiring other companies. We will be evaluating advantages and disadvantages of engaging in a deal and providing you a report on the results. This allows you time to review company information, compare different options, and finalise the decision based on thorough analysis. We will work hand-in-hand with you in your journey to a successful deal. We work seamlessly with other workstreams such as legal, finance and tax teams. We work with the aim of early detection of potential risks and financial impact.

HR Due Diligence

We offer our comprehensive knowledge, operational expertise and experienced pool of consultants that have years of global expertise and local knowledge to apply best practice and reveal potential financial, legal and compliance risks associated with workforce inheritance.

Integration Management

We provide clear strategic direction and operational priorities that manage every aspect of the transition and integration from kick-off to post merger integration. We collaborate with the cross functional transition team to create flawless execution of critical people initiatives across the HR domain from organisation structure to system transition to creating a new HR blueprint for the new organisation.


From day-one readiness ensuring that employees feel valued and are aware of what to expect to managing system transitions and other HR elements behind the scenes. We can provide consultants that provide advisory and over the shoulder support, or strengthen the in-house team or manage the entire transition as your in-house team. Our services can be tailored to offer exactly what is needed with complete flexibility. We will do what’s necessary to get across the finish line.

Interim HR Support

We provide client with HR support during transition until they have onboarded an in-house HR team. This can be at a leadership level such as CHRO or even at HR Generalist level. We have consultants that are experts in the HR domain at various experience levels that are able to hit the ground running from day one. We can deploy a consultant on site in no time to support the business and take over the HR requirements for your organisation. We offer competitive whether on a daily or monthly basis. Reach out to us if you need immediate assistance.

What We Can Do for You

S & K Consulting aims to assist you in ensuring an efficient transition or adjustment in one of the biggest changes occurring in your organisation. Our team have hands-on experience to deal with organisational changes. Through this service we can help you:

  • Access expertise that are experts in their domains and have proven global experience and in-depth local knowledge.
  • Understand the interest business and find out more about their people and culture.
  • Define and execute employee transition and HR integration seamlessly.
  • Create 100-day transition plans per workstream with clear deliverables, timelines and expected outcomes.
  • Manage the change management process through our Change Management consulting services.
  • Provide HR expertise to operate as your in-house HR team.