Organisation Structure Design & Development

Organisation Structure Design & Development

Optimisation of resources and workforce efforts are among the major factors that drives performance and growth in Start-Ups and SMEs. A well-defined organisational structure or restructuring helps the company determine how it does business and drives performance during various business cycles. At S&K Consulting, we help organise your workforce into a structure that supports the business goals and objectives.

From defining specific organisational roles to creating departments, we provide guiding principles that would improve the Company’s operational excellence. We employ a diagnostic approach in identifying and determining a variety of factors to ensure a structure-strategy-business fit. Thereafter, we provide recommendations such that workflows and decision making are optimised.

Our Service Inclusions

Understanding the Business

In order to develop an organisational structure for the business, we take the time to understand the external drivers impacting the industry as well as internal factors that impact the designing process. Through a detailed understanding of current operations and future direction, we recommend key organisational interventions.

Current Structure Review

The operational efficiency of an organisation depends on ensuring the right talent is in the right role and in the right structure. By reviewing the current structure, we can identify and present observations of misalignment or inefficiencies and suggest areas of improvement in order to recommend a fit-for-purpose structure.

Design & Development

With business understanding and current structure reviewed, we initiate the process of aligning strategic direction to efficient resource utilisation, establishing clear communication channels and overall performance enhancement. We develop structures that accounts for how work flows internally and responds to external market demands.

What We Can Do for You

At S&K Consulting, our team has an extensive knowledge of designing and developing organisational structures that work for a business, whether at a Start-Up stage or in growth mode. We also ensure that our recommendations support other nuances such as work from home arrangements, operations across geographies, agile working, lean business model, etc. We draw on our experience across several industries to develop a bespoke structure that’s fit for your business. Through this service we can help you:

  • Manage the transition process across the business.
  • Create functional descriptors.
  • Re-design processes.
  • Develop job descriptions for the new structure.
  • Support the change management journey.
  • Streamline and optimise human capital.