People Strategy & Planning

People Strategy & Planning

In today’s era, companies need a well-formulated People Strategy to surpass competitors in the market. An effective People Strategy allows businesses to manage upto 60% of their operational costs in an effective and efficient manner which impacts profitability positively.

S&K Consulting’s experienced HR Consultants will help you formulate a simple, clear and effective People Strategy that is fit for your business based on over 40+ years of experience in the UAE across various industries. These strategies will be instrumental in improving employee experience as well as benefitting the company through high productivity.

From setting up your HR Structure i.e. Employment Contracts, HR Policies & Procedures, Employee Handbook etc. to creating Performance Management Systems, we ensure that the business is set up for success.

The investment you make to establish a robust People Strategy demonstrates your commitment to both, your employees as well as your clients to provide a positive employee experience which in turn ensures a positive client experience. Explore more about our people strategy development and planning services.

Our Services Inclusions

HR Strategy

A well-defined people strategy provides clear direction for the business to achieve vision and results. It integrates business strategies with HR strategies to keep the employees connected and engaged with the company vision, culture and goals. We are adept at designing impactful people strategies that meet your current business needs as well as provides a road map for future growth.

HR Audit

Undertaking a systematic check of where you are, where you want to be, and what you need in terms of employment regulations coupled with custom and practice across the HR landscape is crucial. At S&K Consulting, we apply our in-house developed tools to provide a holistic view of whether HR practices are truly business enablers. We conduct audits at the compliance as well as strategic level. The findings inform the HR plan for areas of transformation or further enhancement or improvement, whether in HR policies, procedures, processes, structure, systems, and records.

HR Action Plan

By clearly understanding your company goals and future objectives, we will help you improve and streamline your HR operations. With result-oriented strategies created for your business, our services will refresh your existing HR practices to improve employee experiences and in turn increase profitability. Whether you have an in-house HR department and need additional support or wish to outsource an efficient HR team completely, we have it covered for you.

What We Can Do for You

Amid the changing HR landscape, the need and consequent progress towards a clear and effective HR Strategy is key. At S&K Consulting, we don’t just focus on talent management but encompass strategic workforce planning to future-proof the skills and capabilities gaps. As a result, we are able to devise and execute people strategies that align with the current and future business needs. Other ways in which we can help are as follows:

  • Review the ‘current state’ of your workforce.
  • Design an effective People Strategy that will deliver results.
  • Conduct a comprehensive data and trends analysis.
  • Analyse the influence of internal and external factors on people practices.
  • Recognising key components and devising strategies in accordance with company’s specific requirements.
  • Empower employees to boost productivity.