Performance Management

Performance Management

We believe that aligning employees to strategic objectives and vision has the power to make companies trump in this competitive marketplace. As the transition towards an agile organisation swiftly progresses, we consider performance management processes can propel success through continuous performance management practices that enable networked and autonomous teams to flourish.

Our holistic approach strongly links key contributors i.e. employee and line managers to performance pillars and vision resulting in a performance management approach that is recognised as being fair and efficient in delivering results for the business. We take the time to understand each of our client’ culture, business and people landscape to design and develop a strategy that is unique to them.

We understand that one size fits all approach does not result in effective performance management. It relies on both formal and informal processes and we incorporate these in the formulation of a performance management framework that is right for your business. If you are looking to build, redesign, update or evaluate performance management, give us a call or send us a query and we will be in touch!

Our Service Inclusions

Management Framework

We partner with your team to design a tailor-made framework that aligns with what drives organisation success and reinforces purpose through an ongoing dialogue between managers and their teams with regards to their performance.

Management Audit

To measure return on investment, we provide a comprehensive assessment a client’s current performance management system from reviewing cascading of objectives, conducting focus groups to understand employee experience and auditing individual objectives. Our analytics and reports provide key insights on areas of improvements can result in changing the quality of the process as well as improve overall results.

Management Training

We offer development of training programmes to integrate performance management throughout the organisation by ensuring all parties involved in the success of the programme understand their role and contribution. We create interactive and participative trainings in a blended training format that develop the skills required by managers, build more effective teams and keep employees engaged and involved in the process.

What We Can Do for You

Our consulting focuses on providing fit for business performance management tools and mechanisms. We understand the pain points as we have significant experience in this domain from implementing performance management systems is various companies. Through this service we can help you:

  • Understand the business and what good performance should look like.
  • Align vision, values and goals with the team and individual goals seamlessly.
  • Design and develop bespoke frameworks, tools and training to ensure an efficient execution of the performance management system.
  • Remedy existing performance management systems by providing necessary interventions to maximise current system and provide a greater results and meaningful outcomes.