HR Policies & Procedures UAE

HR Policies & Procedures

The success of people operations, especially for Start-Ups and SMEs, depends on clearly outlined HR Policies and Procedures to create a credible and transparent organisation. This ensures the employees are clear on the expectations from them as well as the offerings of the organisation.

HR Policies and Procedures play a major role in creating a positive experience and sense of belonging within the employees. A set of well-defined HR Policies of any organisation in the UAE forms the base of how they function every day. It also helps showcase the credibility, integrity and transparency of the company when it comes to its employee welfare. Designing and defining HR Policies can help companies ensure consistency in management at all levels.

As HR Policies and Procedures acts as a single point of reference for people operations, our team of highly experienced HR Consultants have the required knowledge and experience to create these documents. We are among the leading HR Consultants who can help you strategise and develop HR policies in the UAE aligned with your Company culture and UAE Labour Law. By developing a clear and comprehensive set of policies and procedures, we help organisations ensure efficient employee operations.

Our Service Inclusions

Identifying Key HR Policies To Be Created

When a Start-Up or SME is established, it is prudent to setup clear HR Policies and Procedures to support efficient people operations. In addition, the UAE Labour Law requires that every organisation creates certain mandatory policies. At S&K Consulting, we will work with you to define a list of key policies that need to be created to support your people operation as per industry standard.

Developing Detailed HR Policies

The HR Policies needs to incorporate all aspects of the existing practices within the company. With extensive experience in the HR industry, we have in-depth knowledge about all the UAE Labour Law as well as industry based requirements to create these policies. All policies developed will be customised to your business and within your branding guidelines.

HR Procedures Details

While HR policies define the formal rules and regulations that govern the people operations, HR procedures offer clear steps on how to operationalise these policies. By understanding the company’s HR operations and nature of the work environment, we help businesses define roles and draft procedures that would perfectly fit in within the framework.

Employee and Manager Training

We develop tailored training plan, workshops and material to ensure that developed policies are well understood, and all parties are familiar with the contents of the documents. Workshops may be conducted on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting to accommodate the day-to-day operational requirements.

Employer Branding Customisation

In order to ensure that the HR Policies and Procedures truly reflects the company, we ensure that the documents reflect its values, tone and language. Through deep research and planning, our expert professionals ensure that the HR Policies and Procedures are in line with the industry standards as well as the Company’s specific nature of business. We take the time to understand your business and people management practices and translate them into well-documented Policies and Procedures that have the look and feel of your business.

What We Can Do for You

With over 35 years of experience in HR, we understand that the creation of HR Policies and Procedures is a pre-requisite to creating a positive employment experience for your people. Our experts will help you identify, develop and implement HR policies and procedures that will allow you to create a transparent culture and take the guess work out of people operations. More specifically we can help you:

  • Identify policies required as per your industry.
  • Identify policies required as per best practice.
  • Ensure legal compliance with UAE Labour Law.
  • Define people operations to ensure fair management of employees.
  • Establish a collaborative and healthy work environment.
  • Help fulfil employee expectations efficiently.
  • Ease communication of company values and goals.
  • Implement company policies and procedure through training and management workshops.