Relocation to UAE

Relocation to UAE

Whether it is to connect better to global markets, boost innovation and development or expand their regional client base, UAE is becoming a preferred destination for business in the region. An increasing number of entrepreneurs are either setting up new businesses locally or expanding their current businesses into the region.

At S&K Consulting, we support the relocation of new employees to the UAE and/or facilitate the movement of employees within the country. From speaking with each employee to understand their unique situation, family commitments, other requirements, we ‘hold their hand’ through the process until they are completely settled in their new home.

With over 40+ years of local experience backed by a wealth of knowledge, we also support companies to set up their HR frameworks including providing clarity of local regulation that may impact them to answering questions in an evolving business landscape.

With the rapid evolution of changing requirements and residency arrangements, our team are the friendly face that guides you through the entire process, one step at a time. More specifically, we support you with:

  • Advising on Labour laws and employment regulations
  • Immigration issues i.e. work permits, residency permits, visas etc.
  • Housing Support
  • Schooling Support
  • Acclimatising to a new culture

Our Relocation Services Inclusions

Employee Support

We appreciate that relocating to a new country can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. This is where we come in! Through our one-to-one consultations, we create a bespoke relocation guide and hand hold employees through the process. Typically, this is divided into 4 main phases including:

  1. Planning for Arrival
  2. Travelling to the UAE
  3. Arriving in the UAE
  4. Settling in the UAE

Company Support

We understand that setting up a new Company in the UAE and putting a team in place requires a lot of careful planning and execution. Whether you are a new business set up or expanding as a regional branch, we help companies through this journey including the HR set up to receive their first employee. This could include a range of activities anywhere between advising on the implications of business set up with payroll to ensuring the company is ready to receive its first employee. More specifically, activities may include:

  1. Planning to hire employees
  2. Ensuring Company Readiness from a legal perspective
  3. Welcoming new employees and their families
  4. Payroll Set Up & On-going monthly support

What We Can Do for You

At S&K Consulting, we specialise in supporting companies to move employees into the UAE and provide a personal touch while doing so. With a single point of contact assigned to understand unique employee requirements and challenges, our team will be on hand to guide you through the entire experience.

Whether it is supporting a single executive to relocate with his/her family or supporting the mass mobilisation of a team from across the globe, we are able to help you plan a seamless relocation experience and guide your employees through all questions and situations that may arise through the process.

More specifically, we can support with:

  • Preparing company specific On-Boarding Guides.
  • Providing local guidance with regards to visa/immigration related queries.
  • Connecting you to trusted resources for Housing & Schooling information.
  • Helping you navigate the local set-up and understand implications from an international company perspective.
  • Becoming a trusted and friendly face to make the experience of moving to a new country for both a Company and employees, a memorable one.