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“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.”

Zig Ziglar

Start-Up organisations business are anticipated to be the life blood of the growing economies across the globe and especially in Dubai. At S&K Consulting, we are committed to helping Start-Ups to establish and create their unique People Strategy and HR operational framework to build a culture that promotes growth and sustainability of the business.

Whether it is to build your pitch deck for funding or to partner with the Founding team to inform and execute the People Strategy, we do it all. We come on-board to create a roadmap that aligns with the start-up ethos and direction keeping in pace with the dynamic environment.

Startup founders are usually juggling multiple priorities and ensuring they have the right team to support them is critical to the sustainability and growth of the business. We are currently supporting a number of Start-Ups Founders across the UAE as well as internationally who are at various stages of their start-up journeys. Our expertise and services allow Founders to draw on over 41+ years of world class experience across the HR spectrum from setting up structure, HR Policies & Procedures, to on-boarding talent including managing day-to-day HR operational matters.

If you are a Start-Up and want to ensure that you are legally protected and compliant, select the right people for your team and grow your business with the right team onboard; get in touch with us at

If you still aren’t convinced, use the FREE self-assessment HR readiness tool to determine if you are in fact ready to act as HR. If you are ready, that’s fabulous! If not, give us a call for your free initial consultation.

Helping Start-Ups to establish and create their unique People Strategy

Build & Sustain a
Profitable Business

Establish & Strenghten
Your HR Foundation
Foster & Promote a
Positive Employee Experience

HR Services for Start-Ups

HR in a Box (HR Set up Dubai) is the go-to resource for organisations to setup and manage every aspect of their HR function through over 80 personalized HR documents, tools and templates. With this, you can ensure that your business is protected, and each employee feels valued from the day of hire to retirement and everything in between.

HR on Demand

HR on Demand is a suite of bite-size HR Services for small business, that you can purchase as needed. From recruitment to managing an Employee Relations case the services can range across the lifecycle. You have total flexibility to pick and choose the service you need for the business. No retainers. Save money by using the services only when needed.

As an award-winning HR Outsourcing company in Dubai, we act as an extension of your team, ensuring your employees receive efficient world-class HR advice and services. At the same time, you save time, money, and other staffing costs associated with building your HR infrastructure, such as visas, annual leave, gratuity, and so on. Moreover, you’ll have access to our qualified HR Consultants anytime you need them.

Why Work With Us

We bring over 35 years of international and local experience both at the strategic and operational levels. This means that while we can partner with the Founders to define the People Strategy & Culture, we can also build the underlying HR Framework through operational policies, procedures and programs. We have been through the Start-Up journey with our own business as well as worked with numerous Start-Ups across industries, who truly believe in the power of people. Through our experience we can help by:

  • Create a fit for purpose People Strategy that will inform the culture of the Business.
  • Build a organisational structure that will define your short-term and long-term hiring plan.
  • Develop Job Descriptions to ensure you select the right team members and compensate them fairly.
  • Design a Compensation strategy to attract the right talent to your Start-Up.
  • Create your HR back office infrastructure including legally compliant HR Policies & Procedures, Employment Templates i.e. Offer Letter, Employment Contract, Employee Handbook and other required HR Forms & Letters.
  • Creating an engaging On-Boarding Plan to welcome your team to an exciting and professional work environment.
  • Support your HR operational requirements on a day-to-day basis.

Makes you a
trusted employer

Ensures Compliance with
UAE Labour Law

Provides guidelines
for line managers

Protects your

Sets clear standards &
expectations for all

Reduces employee

Creates a positive
employee experience

Improves operational

Reduces employee

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